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Our environmental policy

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The Hostal Real Aranjuez, aware of the current situation of our planet wishes to contribute to sustainability by applying special measures.
  • All shower taps and sinks have a water flow dispenser.
  • All the staff recycle every day: paper, glass, plastic, batteries, ink cartridges, etc... and other waste in five different containers and at the end of the day each product is transferred to its corresponding container.
  • Every day we put more energy-saving light bulbs.
  • In cleaning the hostel we use products with neutral and biodegradable PH and non-aggressive to the environment.
  • As much paper as possible is recycled at the reception.
  • We are pet friendly and volunteer.
  • Medicines, so beneficial to our health, are very harmful to nature if we throw them in the trash or down the drain, because they damage the environment and contaminate our soil and water. For this reason, we do not throw the remains of medicines, nor their containers, in the trash or down the drain and we take it to the nearest pharmacy. In this way we contribute to the health of nature. More information: www.sigre.es
  • Caring for the environment is a matter of culture and we all have to learn something new every day.